Grandparent DNA Test

Grandparent DNA Test

MedFusion's Grandparent DNA Test determines paternity without the alleged father being present. This test is ordered when the father is not willing or able to come in for a cheek swab. 

Who needs a grandparent DNA test?

When seeking to establish paternity between a child and a man who is not available for testing, either due to death, incarceration, or unwillingness to test, a grandparent DNA test can be used instead. Here’s how it works: we need at least three of the following four people to provide a cheek swab: the child, the mother, and either of the child’s paternal grandparents. If both of the grandparents can come in, it’s even better. (Note that if the mother is not willing to get swabbed, we need both grandparents).

Legal Grandparent DNA Test

In order to use the results for legal purposes, such as social security benefits, birth certificate changes, etc., you must come in to our clinic to get the cheek swabs performed by one of our professional technicians. DNA testing is by appointment only, but scheduling is very flexible.

How Do I Get My Results?

It takes 5 or 6 business days to get your results in most cases. Results come via email first, and then in the mail. MedFusion’s price for Grandparent DNA Tests are the best in the nation! Call us to set up an appointment now. Our scheduling department will set up your appointment based on when and where you wish to test. Furthermore, the parties can test together, at the same clinic and at the same time, or separately, at different clinics and/or at different times. We’ll send you an email with your appointment information.

Choosing A Clinic

If the times or locations in your appointment letter don’t work for you, we’ll make changes, at no charge. At your appointment, all adults must bring in photo ID and one other form of identification. The child, if under 18, can be identified by a birth certificate, a social security card, or, if the former items are not available, by hospital discharge papers. 

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