MFI Mission

Est. in the heart of Central Mississippi - Forest in 2020 and is also a Woman Minority-Owned Business providing lab services: drug testing, lab services, DNA testing, Covid testing & etc. 

We are a professional DOT Regulated & non-DOT drug & alcohol testing compliance firm located in Forest, MS .

We can help you manage your drug free workplace program & offer you simple solutions for your pre-employment drug testing, random testing program, reasonable suspicion, post-incident & return-to-duty drug, hair testing & alcohol testing. We are committed to providing fast accurate services, by coming to you or you coming to us & we always treat each client in a professional & courteous manner.

We are able to offer a variety of testing options for probation, court-ordered, custody battles, personal reasons, DUI testing and more. We can order the test that is needed for your individual scenario and send them directly to your probation officer or to the courts if needed.

DOT Compliant Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs

We strictly adhere to DOT compliance standards in all of our testing, which means when you use MFI, you can be rest assured that your program will pass a DOT audit anytime.

We Provide DOT-Compliant Testing Services to the Following Industries

MFI is here to provide DOT-compliant drug and alcohol testing and drug-free workplace programs to DOT regulated industries such as:

* Trucking Industry (FMCSA)

*Aviation Industry (FAA)

*Railroad Industry (FRA)

*Public Transportation (FTA)

*Pipeline Industry (PHMSA)

*Maritime Industry (USCG)


Our Medical Review Officers (MROs) are the point-of-contact amongst the employee, donor, lab or collector, and anyone else involved in a drug or alcohol test. They ensure compliance with Federal and State laws, and DOT regulations, which reduces potential liabilities in a drug and alcohol testing program. Once they have verified the tests, the results are reported to the employer.

The MRO verification in a drug screening process allows the employee/donor to give an acceptable explanation to not be labeled as a substance abuser if they are taking legally prescribed medication resulting in a false positive.

If a collector reports that an individual was unable to provide a urine or hair sample, then our MROs will facilitate or perform a medical evaluation of the individual in question. If there is a potentially invalid result of a drug or alcohol test, the laboratory will then consult with our MROs to decide if further testing at another certified lab is necessary. They also ensure that all negative and negative dilute drug and/or alcohol test results are properly reviewed and reported to the Federal agency or employer.

MFI's MROs are also responsible for evaluating the results of all employer or Federal agency blind sample specimens, and performing an initial investigation into any discrepant test results.

Our MRO team maintains records and confidentiality of drug and alcohol test information for you, saving time, money, and a huge headache!

MFI's drug and alcohol tests are reviewed by an MRO unless directed otherwise by a client.



In Forest, MS, MedFusion offers DNA tests, paternity testing, and drug/alcohol testing. Our drug testing options include DOT and non-DOT urine drug tests, instant alcohol tests, and hair follicle drug tests. DNA testing includes but not limited to: Siblingship, Missing Parent, Twin Zygosity Test, Avuncular Test, Immigration, Adoption, Ancestry, Forensic Test, Paternity/Maternity Test, Grandparentage Test & etc are performed at our lab.

Call (601) 564-7141 to schedule an appointment today. Register for yourself, a family member, or your staff. Fast results, signed by our MRO, are reported securely online.