(Avuncular) DNA Test

MedFusion's Aunt or Uncle (Avuncular) DNA Test determines if one person is the niece or nephew of the other. This test is commonly ordered in lieu of a paternity test when the possible father is not available. 

Who needs an avuncular DNA test?

When a paternity test is needed, but the father is deceased, incarcerated, or otherwise unavailable or unwilling to be tested, one of his brothers or sisters can stand in. The results of this test can imply or exclude a relationship with the possible father. Alternatively, this test can be used as a substitute for a sibling study. If one of the possible siblings is not available for testing, his or her child can be compared to the other possible sibling to determine if they are related.

How do I schedule a test?

An appointment is required, but scheduling is flexible. Book early to get the appointment time you want. Schedule conveniently online by ordering here and indicating your appointment time preferences, or call us to make payment over the phone. Tell us when and where you wish to test, and let us know if the parties will test together, at the same clinic and at the same time, or separately, at different clinics and/or at different times. We’ll send you an email with your appointment information. If the times or locations scheduled in your appointment letter don’t work for you, we’ll make changes, at no charge! Adults should bring photo ID. For kids, please have a birth certificate, social security card, or (for newborns) hospital discharge papers.

When will I get my results?

Generally, it takes about a week to obtain the results of an avuncular DNA test. The signed lab report is emailed to you, and an official hard copy is sent later via US mail, which takes an extra week or two to arrive.

Who determines the results of my test?

After our lab extracts the DNA from your specimens (the cheek swabs), our geneticists study 21 genetic markers for each person. They perform a statistical analysis to determine the likelihood that the parties are related. For avuncular testing, the likelihood of a relationship may or may not be conclusive. 

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