Random And Reasonable Suspicion

Random And Reasonable Suspicion

Random testing is conducted on an unannounced, unpredictable basis on employees whose identifying information (e.g. employee number or social security number) has been placed in a testing pool from which a scientifically arbitrary selection is made. This process is usually computer generated to make certain that it is indeed random, and that each person of the workforce population has an equal chance of being selected for testing, regardless of whether that person was recently tested or not. As this type of testing has no advance notice, it serves as a disincentive for the employee and an incentive for the employer. 

The testing of employees who are chosen on a “neutral-selection” basis without advance notice. Random testing also includes the testing of all employees in a company (or a particular division of the company) when the date and time of the testing are unannounced and randomly selected.

Time is money, and having to sit at a lab for hours could cost you a substantial amount of time and money. With Mobile Drug Testing coming on-site to your facility the time is saved because your employee continues to work right up to the minute they are notified of their test. No lost wages YOU pay when they leave the jobsite for testing. Your production will stop only for 5-10 minutes vs hours they could spend at a lab/facility waiting.  They will work right up to the time of their test and return immediately after!

They have zero exposure to sick people and zero waiting time for the collection process. It will also ensure that no means of adulteration of the specimen will occur.

The average time per person to complete the test and paperwork is usually 5 to 10 minutes. 

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